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Festivals Acadiens, mais oui

inside090804Je voyage chaque année en Louisiane avec des étudiants de Cornell College, là où je suis professeure. Voici un article en anglais sur l'entreprise, écrit par Marsha Engelbrecht pour le Times of Acadiana.

Si vous êtes là pour les Festivals Acadiens, ne manquez pas de nous rendre visite. Cherchez la tente verte et blanche avec un panneau "Cornell". A la semaine prochaine!

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I dont understand a dog gone thing on your site! I'm just a good ol boy from Western NC who married into a family of Boudreauxs and LeBlancs from the likes of Napoleonville, Donaldsonville and Baton Rouge.

I did however, notice you had a few references to bands I like, in particular Steve Riley, so I like you already! Anyway, I linked you, and figured I'd say Hi!

Posted by: Steve at 8 sep 2004 22:51:26

Merci, Steve. You like the Mamou Playboys? You're on the right track, then. Check out the photos.

You have a very interesting blog. Come back to visit often.

Posted by: Jan at 13 sep 2004 12:27:42

I {{{{{{{{Love}}}}}}}} the Mamou Playboys! They're one of my all time favorite bands!
I think I'm only one of two people in North Carolina with a KBON bumper sticker on their car!

Thanks for the kind words about my site, it is constantly changing directions it seems. Hope you have a great week, and that Ivan goes somewhere else! My wifes family is mostly in B.R. so we've got extra prayers coming your way!

Posted by: steve at 15 sep 2004 09:37:09